Dr. Randhir Singh

Dr Randhir Singh is a graduate of Otago University, Dunedin New Zealand. He graduated in 1988, and has constantly upgraded his skills and education to stay at the forefront of cutting edge modern dentistry.


Dr. Singh has been operating  this family dental practise focusing on Quality Care Of the Entire Oral Dental Health for all ages. He has a passion for minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry. 


All our services are fantastic value for money and we only use the best German, Japanese, Swiss or American products, materials and equipment. We provide comprehensive dental care encompassing all aspects of dentistry, focusing on quality and durability.

Our team is well-experienced, efficient, caring, professional, and dedicated to every single patient and their individual needs. Our team is focused on highest levels of infection control, autoclave and surgery hygiene. 


We use low-dose digital X-ray imaging system, cosmetic white fillings, fast braces technology, dental photography for pre and post-op results. 

For nervous patients we use numbing spray, numbing gel, highly effective anaesthetics, happy gas, penthrox and twilight intravenous sedation on the premises.


Dr Randhir Singh has been providing highly effective and durable dental treatment to new and existing clients from this surgery in Seven Hills for 25 years. 


Our services include: 


  • Comprehensive dental checkup with complete dental photography

  • Digital X-ray imaging 

  • Cosmetic Smile Designs

  • Dental Makeover

  • Durable white fillings

  • Veneers, ceramic crowns, bridges, gold crowns

  • Implant dentistry for missing teeth

  • Fast Braces technology for crooked teeth and facial enhancements and cosmetics

  • Wisdom teeth treatment- surgery under intravenous sedation

  • Endodontic root canal therapy & post core and crowns

  • Preventative dental care

  • Treatment of gingivitis

  • Periodontal therapy

  • Treatment for damaging effects of teeth grinding and bruxing

  • Treatment for snoring and sleep apnea

  • Replacement of missing teeth with dentures, bridges, and implants

  • Dental treatment before, during, and after pregnancy

  • Treatment for medically compromised patients

  • Treatment of enamel erosion and gastric reflux

  • Treatment and management of dental trauma 

  • Botox and dermal fillers

  • Treatment of cysts, fibrous polyps, abscess, over-grown enlarged gums, surgery for tongue tie

  • Management and treatment of patients with anxiety, phobia, and dental fear.

  • Denture services for the elderly

  • Treatment for children under medicare child dental benefits schedule

  • Routine dental extractions/ checkups clean and polish

  • Teeth whitening and bleaching of blackened and discoloured teeth etc.

















Seven Hills Plaza Shopping Centre


Shop 76 Corner Prospect Hwy & Federal Rd


Seven Hills NSW 2147


Phone: (02) 9622 3122




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